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What business experience do I need to buy a Tailor Maid Franchise?

A capacity for hard work and determination is important but you do not need business experience. If you follow Tailor Maid’s proven business system, you will be ready to “hit the road running” as it will help you to succeed with your franchise cleaning business.

Is Tailor Maid a new business?

Tailor Maid was created by Karen Moore in 2009 and is a busy eco friendly and holistic domestic cleaning business which has thrived over the years. We employ all our own cleaners and are not an agency. Karen is involved in the day to day running of the business and all training, support and development of all franchisees will be overseen by her personally.

How much Capital will I need?

The cost of a Tailor Maid Franchise Package is £9995 and you may find it useful to have some working capital to hand to cover the early growth of your business.

What about management fees and any other start up costs?

Our ongoing monthly management fee is 10% and 8% of this this will cover fixed costs Tailor Maid pays on behalf of it’s franchisees and the other 2% is for marketing. You will also need to purchase Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

How much will I earn in my first year?

Our Lincolnshire office achieved a turnover of £32k in it’s first year. We would like to see you succeed and with hard work and determination this target can be reached.

Are your profit figures realistic?

A franchisor cannot guarantee a franchisee’s success this depends on your own ability to work hard in order to build a strong domestic cleaning business. Figures quoted by us at discovery days are based on the actual performance of Tailor Maid over a set period.

What services will I provide?

  • Weekly domestic cleans
  • Spring Cleans
  • After party/event cleans
  • Tenancy Cleans
  • Moving in/out cleans

All of these services are provided to our customers.

Do I have my own Territory ?

Yes. You will have your own protected postcode territory.

How do I find out more about a Tailor Maid Franchise?

If you have any questions about the franchise opportunity then please:

Ring Karen Moore on 0800 6349 822 for an informal chat or Email info@tailormaid-home.co.uk or fill in the short form below:

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