Allergy proof your home

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Allergens within the home can cause a number of different conditions such as asthma, rhinitis etc. Here are a few useful tips if there is an allergy sufferer in your home:

  • keep bedrooms well ventilated, open the window slightly over night and open wide in the morning to air the room.
  • Consider replacing curtains with roller blinds, if not wash your curtains every 3 months in hot water
  • Vacuum carpets daily
  • microscopic mites love lounging in  your bed and pillows, make sure you wash your bedding regularly and your quilt and pillows once a month.
  • Use a damp rag to clean around your bed frame each week
  • childrens soft toys harbor many dust mites so need to be kept off the bed if possible and washed once a week
  • Be careful what cleaning products you use as substances like bleach can cause problems for people with respiratory and skin allergies, try to use a less harmful product or only use in  well ventilated areas.

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