Daily Life of a Franchisee

A Tailor Maid franchise gives you the opportunity to get involved in every aspect of running a successful growing business. Part of your day may be office-based handling customer enquiries, making sales calls, following leads, putting proposals together, coordinating staff schedules, training or liaising with your team. Or you may be on the road visiting customer homes,  meeting up with staff, popping into head office or presenting and quoting. Every day is different and full of challenges.

Allergy proof your home

Allergens within the home can cause a number of different conditions such as asthma, rhinitis etc. Here are a few useful tips if there is an allergy sufferer in your home:

  • keep bedrooms well ventilated, open the window slightly over night and open wide in the morning to air the room.
  • Consider replacing curtains with roller blinds, if not wash your curtains every 3 months in hot water
  • Vacuum carpets daily
  • microscopic mites love lounging in  your bed and pillows, make sure you wash your bedding regularly and your quilt and pillows once a month.
  • Use a damp rag to clean around your bed frame each week
  • childrens soft toys harbor many dust mites so need to be kept off the bed if possible and washed once a week
  • Be careful what cleaning products you use as substances like bleach can cause problems for people with respiratory and skin allergies, try to use a less harmful product or only use in  well ventilated areas.

Setting You Up To Succeed Not Fail

Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Tailor Maid Ltd was started in 2009 by Karen Moore who wanted to be in control of her own time and earnings after working in the corporate world in accountancy for may years.  The domestic cleaning market offered the fresh challenge she needed and she set out to create a highly professional home cleaning management service designed fro women like herself.

Tailor Maid has become a successful company with an enviable reputation for customer service.  Our brand can be easily replicated in a short space of time.  This ensures our franchises that they can be upo and running, earning money with great opportunities and an exciting future in this fast growing and highly lucrative marketplace.  We are looking forward to training highly motivated women in various areas and showing them how to run their own successful domestic cleaning management company.  Emphasis will be on training highly professional cleaners that deliver a good quality of service.

Benefits to Investing in a Tailor Maid Cleaning Franchise:

  • Excellent marketing strategy
  • Comprehensive training and ongoing support
  • low overheads/high profit margins
  • Dedicated call centre
  • Home based office giving you flexibility for family and yourself

Spring Cleaning

Now the clocks have gone forward and winters finally over its time to give your home a new lease of life, but before you pick up a duster or delve into your wardrobe, here are our top 10 tips to help you clean up, de-clutter and revitalize your living space with minimum fuss!

  1. CLEAN YOUR FRIDGE-Remove fridge shelves and compartments and wash them in warm soapy water, then rinse. Wipe the inside of the fridge with a potion made up of two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda for every litre of warm water. Get into the rubber door seal with an old toothbrush and don’t forget the outside of the door and the handle – germs will have a ball here if left unchecked. For stains inside the fridge you can use a stronger bicarbonate of soda paste or white toothpaste. A couple of times a year pull the appliance away from the wall and vacuum the cooling elements at the back, this will make the fridge more efficient.
  2. CLEAN YOUR DUVET Its all to easy to overlook but duvets should be cleaned twice a year. Most domestic washing machines are too small to clean a duvet successfully, so professional cleaning is a great idea and is also more likely to kill off dust mites and the allergens produced by them.  This is particularly important for people who suffer from illnesses like asthma.
  3. FRESHEN UP YOUR CURTAINS-Curtains need cleaning at least once a year to prolong their life and keep them looking as good as new. If the fabric’s washable, you should be able to clean and iron them at home: ironing is most effective while they’re still slightly damp. And look out for mildew. This often accumulates when the fabric rests on a damp windowsill or against patio doors, where condensation gathers – so remember to wipe sills and windows down regularly.
  4. RESCUE YOUR CARPETS-Carpets accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and even fungi over time, all of which are unsightly, unhygienic and can be potential health hazards. Up to 80% of carpet dirt is loose and can be removed with regular vacuuming. But to tackle those really stubborn bugs and stains, it’s well worth hiring professional steam-cleaning equipment for a day. Prices start from around £20 a day.
  5. CLEAN YOUR OVEN-It’s the job that everyone keeps putting off, but let’s face it: the inside of your oven is in desperate need of a spruce-up after all those winter roasts and TV dinners. Want a tip to make life easier? Mix some bicarbonate of soda into a thick paste, then smear it inside your oven – including the door – and leave for a few hours or overnight. Then you simply wipe it away with a damp sponge. No chemical cleaners required!
  6. REVAMP YOUR WARDROBE-No, that doesn’t mean you can head off for a spending spree on the high street. Now’s the time to – literally – clean your wardrobe. Remove everything from your wardrobe and drawers, and vacuum them thoroughly inside and out, then wash the insides with soap and water. Moths love to eat, mate and lay eggs in dark, dusty, undisturbed corners.
  7. CLEAN PAINTED WALLS-To clean your painted walls start with a clean cloth or sponge and water. If that doesn’t work, dip the rag or sponge into water mixed with a little dishwashing liquid, the milder the better. If the stain persists, apply a few drops of soap directly onto the wet sponge or cloth you’re using. For more stubborn cases, you could apply a little soap right onto the stain.
  8. BE CHARITABLE-Thanks to the credit crunch, more of us are buying from charity shops – which means the stores are desperate for fresh stock. Do your bit for good causes by donating any clothes you haven’t worn in the past year. And if you really can’t bear to part with that maxi-dress from three seasons ago, wash it and bag it up, but leave it in a drawer. If you haven’t missed it by the end of the summer, it’s ready packaged to be given away. Remember, charities will also be glad of books, music, films and home accessories. And how about admitting you’re only ever going to watch DVDs from now on, so finally getting rid of that old video collection?
  9. GET YOUR WINDOWS SQUEAKY CLEAN-Now the sun’s finally put in an appearance, it’s time to get that natural light flooding through your windows.  Use an old spray bottle to mix together 1tsp washing-up liquid, half a teacup of white vinegar and two teacups of warm water. Spray this solution on to your windows and use a soft, dust-free rag to wipe clean. Magic!
  10. BUFF WOODWORK AND REMOVE RINGS-Wood furniture deserves a little TLC from time to time. If your pine table is looking a little unloved and your side tables are ringed with old cups of tea you can improve the look of your furniture using centuries-old non-chemical restoring products such as beeswax. Beeswax is especially good on unfinished surfaces such as stripped pine and helps to restore the natural beauty of untreated wood.Furthermore, coloured beeswaxes can be used to disguise damage to furniture which has been treated. It’s widely available and couldn’t be easier to use – you simply rub a small amount of beeswax onto your furniture, leave for a few minutes and then buff over with a clean cloth to restore the shine and add a protective layer to your furniture.

Business Expo

We are looking forward to exhibiting at the Northern Lincolnshire business Expo at Forest Pines Hotel in Broughton on Tuesday 15th April.

North Lincolnshire council are holding its first business expo, with over 70 exhibitors and an estimated 800 visitors expected, this is a must for anyone in business.

The exhibition is open to all visitors from 10am to 4.30pm, with guest speakers throughout the day.

We are hoping that this will be an amazing networking opportunity for us and a chance to promote our cleaning franchise opportunities that are now available to purchase.

We are also holding a competition and the lucky winner will receive cleaning vouchers, so our stand will definitely be worth a visit!

Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

These are exciting times for us here at Tailor Maid as we are now offering Franchise business opportunities  to anyone who is interested in starting their own cleaning company.

Franchising a business is often a safer and easier way to become your own boss as our company is already successful and is a proven idea, we have already built up the business and made it successful.  Our brand name is recognized and trusted within the industry.

We help the franchisee promote their services and we offer an excellent proven marketing strategy.

You can be your own boss but have the safety of constant support from us and we  commit to train, support and share ideas with you to make your transition into owning your own business an easy and enjoyable process.

Top Cleaning tips with everyday household products


Top Tips with Alka-Seltzer

3 tablets down the kitchen sink followed by a cup of white vinegar.

Leave for a few minutes then rub hot water- clean pipes.

4 tablets in the toilet will bring your bowl up sparkling clean.  Leave for an hour then brush.

To remove the stain from the bottom of a glass vase, fill with water and drop in two Alka-Seltzer tablets.


Top Tips with Baby oil

Use a small amount of baby oil and rub over stainless steel surfaces like cookers to make it look watermark and finger mark free.

Use baby oil on shower curtains to avoid mould and discolouring.


Top Tips with Baking Soda

Baking soda is mildly alkaline which makes it useful for neutralising mild acids such as Lemon Juice. It can be used as a versatile cleaner, stain remover and deodorizer.

Use on a damp sponge to remove grease easily from stove, back splash etc.

Great for carpet deodorising, just sprinkle onto carpet before going to bed and vacuum in the morning.

Used for many jobs around the house, scrubbing sinks, bath tub, stove, refrigerator and laundry.

Keep pipes clean under the sink-pour about one quarter cup of baking soda down the drain with about 1 cup of vinegar, this makes a chemical reaction, then pour some hot water down the drain.

To minimise odours in your fridge, remove top from box of baking soda and place it on one of the shelves.  From time to time stir contents.

Use with hot water to clean brushed and combs.

Remove stains from silver cutlery by dipping a damp cloth in baking soda and rubbing over the stain.

Freshen up a mattress by sprinkling a mixture of baking soda and aromatic talcum powder over it. Leave for 1 week then vacuum.


Top Tips with fresh lemons and juice:

The acidic nature of lemons make the juice useful as a mild bleach, disinfectant and cleaning agent. Efficiency and strength are enhanced when used with Baking Soda.

To remove stains from Marble, sprinkle salt on a fresh cut lemon. Rub very lightly over stain.  Do not rub hard or you will ruin the polished surface.  Wash off with soap and water.

Lemon juice and newspaper to clean shower doors.

Clean glass table tops by rubbing with a little lemon juice, dry with paper towels and polish with newspaper for a sparkling table.

Salt on a lemon will remove tough grime from inside the washing machine.

Squeeze juice into a bowl of water or use a piece of cut lemon and place into a refrigerator to eliminate odours.


Flip it! Pancake day Tuesday 4th March

Pancake day will soon been here, or its official name – Shrove Tuesday.

Shrove Tuesday was originally the last day of enjoying fatty foods before the ritual fasting of Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday.

Here is our recipe for pancakes so get flipping and enjoy!!


110g plain flour, sifted

Pinch of salt

2 eggs

200ml milk mixed with 75ml

50g/2oz butter


Sift the flour and salt in a large mixing bowl, make  a well in the centre and break the eggs into it

Begin whisking the eggs into the flour

Gradually add small quantities of the milk and water mixture, still whisking until you have a smooth batter, with the consistency of thin cream

Heat the butter in a frying pan until fairly hot and add a small amount of the batter mix

Make sure you have a go at flipping your pancakes and when cooked add topping of your choice, enjoy!!!


Green cleaning tips

Green cleaning tips

These days the supermarket shelves are full of cleaning products.  Many contain very strong ingredients that can harm people, animals and often surfaces they are meant to clean and most are harmful to the environment. At Tailor Maid we pride ourselves on researching the best ways to clean our client’s homes using methods and products that are safe for our clients, the environment and ourselves.

Here are some of our favorite tips and ideas for greener cleaning around the house:

Defogging your bathroom mirror

To stop your bathroom mirror fogging up with steam after your shower, clean the mirror with shaving cream. Rub shaving cream all over the mirror, then wipe it off well with a soft cloth.  You will then have a clear view after showering.

Rust removal from sinks, baths, toilets and tiles.

Use lemon juice and salt.

Shower curtains

Place several large bath towels in the washing machine along with the shower curtain.  Add ½ cup vinegar. Remove curtain before the spin cycle and hang immediately. Soaking shower curtains in salt water will prevent mildew.

Toilet bowl stain removal

Pour a can of coca cola in the toilet bowl and let it sit for a while; the phosphoric acid in the coca cola will work on the stain.  Or put a few denture cleaning tablets in the bowl.

Clean hard to reach spots in bathroom

Keep an extra toothbrush in the bathroom for cleaning awkward places, including plug chains.

Homemade wood furniture polish

In a pump spray bottle, place one teaspoon of light olive oil and half a cup of white vinegar.  Shake well.  This is as effective as any store bought product, yet is far more economical.

Mirrors and glasses

Make up a spray with 50% vinegar and 50% cold water, then add half a teaspoon of washing up liquid and shake well.  Use a microfiber cloth to polish.


Ten top tips to keep your kids amused during half term

10 top ideas for keeping your kids amused during half term

February half term can be tough for parents to find things to keep their kids amused, mainly due to the weather being so rubbish, so we have compiled some fun and affordable tips to keep those dreaded words “I’M BORED!” at bay!

  1. BAKER DAY- get on your aprons and chef hats and become creative in the kitchen, let the kids get their hands dirty and tasting spoons ready, make delicious recipes such as choc brownies, shortbread and cupcakes that the kids can decorate anyway they want. Go to www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/kids-baking for some inspiration and great recipes ideas.
  2.  FAMILY TREE- Let the kids get involved with researching your family history and creating your very own family tree. Use the internet to look up your family members, add pictures to make it more colorful and interesting. Visit www.familytreetemplates.net/catergory/kids for some great family tree templates.
  3. BIKE RIDE- Get your bikes out and go on a bike ride, make sure your kids have helmets and visible clothing on, and avoid busy roads,               parks and woods are a good place for younger children to cycle.  Take a rucksack with a flask of hot chocolate and some snacks
  4. WELLY WALK- Perfect for wet days, make the most of the bad weather by getting the kids wrapped up warm and in their                      waterproofs and wellies and go puddle splashing and mud squelching.
  5. TAKE PHOTOS- There may be a budding David Bailey in your family waiting to be discovered! Go for a walk and lets the kids loose with a digital camera, let them take snaps of anything they want, let them be creative, then let them make a scrap book of all their pics.
  6. PLAY IN A DAY- choose one of their favorite books or stories and get them to act it out as a play. If you are feeling creative, make costumes out of old clothes.
  7. MAKE A DEN- dig out some old sheets, blankets and cushions and let them make a cave, you may need to use chairs and tables to create the perfect den.
  8. LEARN TO JUGGLE- Teach your kids a new party trick, you will need soft balls and beanbags and you may want to take it outside so nothing gets broken. Check out this website for step to step instructions on how to juggle, www.yoyoguy.com/info/ball
  9.  HIDE AND SEEK- take it in turns to count to 50 whilst the others hide then go searching for them. You could also hide an object and let the kids find it, or make a treasure hunt with clues and hide various treats around the house and garden.
  10. PAINT –let the kids loose with a paintbrush and let them create a masterpiece. Let them paint some cards or pictures for granny or granddad and you could even frame them and give them as gifts.  Old clothes and newspaper needed for this activity to avoid too much mess. Visit Art for Kids, a new website with lots of free info and events in your area.