Women in Franchising

Women in franchising

The Facts:

  • More women are now starting to get involved in franchising, with 39% of recent franchisees women compared with only 21% in 2003 (NatWes/bfa Survey 2010)
  • Franchisors said they would like to see an increase in enquiries from women more than any other group.
  • Self-motivation and hard-work are more important to franchisors than gender, qualifications or experience when they are looking at prospective franchisees.

Why franchising needs women

imageFranchising in the UK is a growing industry sector but there have been concerns that the continuing growth of the sector could be restricted by franchisors failing to make use of female talent in the market place.

There is a huge group of talented female entrepreneurs who are unaware of the different sorts of franchise opportunities available. The misconception is that franchise opportunities are either restricted to man-in-a-van operations in male-dominated industries or traditional female opportunities such as cleaning, nursing and childcare. This is not the case. Opportunities are available from building and property services to estate agency and letting services, training, cleaning & recruitment, food & drink, health & beauty and all can be effectively run by women.

 Why women make good franchisees

Franchisors primarily look for work experience preferably in marketing or sales in their potential franchisees but most important is a hardworking and self-motivated attitude. Women possess these key skills as much as men which are transferable to running their own businesses.

Franchising also offers opportunities for women seeking flexible working hours in order to supplement a family income or juggle the responsibilities of home and children. Many franchises offer the flexibility to work from home or irregular hours so that there is no need for the usual trade off between family and business commitments, and provide the perfect work/life balance solution.

 Changing the mindset

customerHow franchising is becoming more appealing to women

In the US more than a third of all franchisees are women. The UK franchise industry is aiming for this figure.

The British Franchise Association (bfa), in conjunction with Business Link, has been funded by the European Commission Social Fund to promote franchising to groups under-represented in the current franchise market, women being a key audience.

Courtesy of Women in Franchising

Cleaning Franchise For Women – Tailor Maid Home




If you’ve acknowledged the fact that time goes by fast and the only way to live the life you want to live is by actually knowing what you want then *hurray* you’re on your way to succeeding.

Being super clear about what you want and believing that you can make it happen puts you ahead of the game. Lack of clarity and belief in your own abilities are two of the biggest reasons why people don’t succeed. So get clear & start believing.


If you have that inner trust and faith that somehow things will work out you’re more likely to succeed, because believing that things will work out will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off track.


If you’ve come across strange, mean people who would rather see you stumble and fall, instead of succeed, and you used their comments to fuel your desire to succeed, rather than stop you, then congratulations for not letting someone else kill your dreams. Too many dreams are squashed by people who don’t want others to succeed. I’m glad you’re not letting that happen to you. Stay strong – this is your life, make it spectacular and don’t let anyone stop you.


If you’ve gone off track, found the road’s become a little bumpy… even faced huge blocks along the way, and throughout it all you’ve kept going then you’re closer to succeeding than you think. The entrepreneurial journey is not always easy and it’s the people that hang on that succeed. So carry on being the kind of person that will hang on, even when everyone else has let go.

Are there going to be times when things feel hopeless? Yes. Will there be moments when you want to quit? Absolutely. But be your tenacious, brilliant self and you’ll pull through.


If you work from the heart, doing something that you love and being your true authentic self, then not only will you succeed, you’ll have way more fun and enjoy the journey more. Life is way better when you put your heart and soul into it.


Being an entrepreneur requires guts. You have to have the courage to put your ideas out into the world… which can be terrifying. You have to have the confidence to ask for help, even though you might get turned down. You have to be prepared to put yourself out there and try, even though you might fall on your face.

But when you do, what you can accomplish is amazing. If you’re the person that’s not afraid to fail then it’s a huge sign that you’re going to succeed.


Succeeding takes hard work, determination, focus, effort, discipline. If you’ve made the commitment to yourself to be the person you need to be in order to succeed, then you are well on your way. Getting rid of the bad habits and replacing then with good ones, like being organised, staying focused on what you need to do, putting in the effort to make it happen, disciplining yourself to do whatever it takes – this is what will set you apart. Ask yourself every day, “what kind of person do I need to be today in order to succeed?” and then become that person. Always make sure kind, authentic and honest are in the mix 🙂

 How many of these things are you?  Courtesy of Female Entrepreneur Association

Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

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Tailor Maid

Domestic Cleaning Franchise Opportunity


A Tailor Maid franchise is a unique opportunity to run your own successful domestic cleaning company. It is a low cost start up business, keeping overheads to a minimum and can be run from home.

Business Opportunity

Due to the high demand for our services we are franchising across the UK. This exciting and unique opportunity will provide the right individual with the potential to build a profitable Tailor Maid business in their local area.

Franchise Benefits

• High income potential

• Low start up costs – work from home

• Use of the Tailor Maid brand and proven business formula

• Your own exclusive territory

• No previous experience required – full training given in all aspects of the business

• Signwriting for your vehicle

• Tailor Maid branded tunics

• Complete start up package including training, sales and marketing.

• Tailor Maid Operation Manual

• National website enquiry system

For a more detailed breakdown email us for a prospectus.

About You

Positive, enthusiastic person who has plenty of self motivation and excellent customer service skills.

Financial Information

Cleaning Franchise business package   £7,500(+vat). Also there will be an ongoing monthly fee of 10% of revenue. This includes 8% to cover fixed costs Tailor Maid pays on behalf of all franchisees and another 2% of revenue is for ongoing support and marketing. We will report to you regularly on how the marketing revenues have been used.

Training and Support

Tailor Maid has now developed a franchisee training programme and Operations Manual. On completion of your head office training which will be in-depth and over a period of 3-5 days, a franchisee will have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to operate their own Tailor Maid franchise. This will be backed up with Head Office continual support with 24/7 intranet, individual support sessions, conferences, group meetings and training workshops.

The training package also includes support with recruitment, marketing, client management system, HR, employment and H & S etc and your very own professional PR launch. Every detail of our business is covered by our proven systems.


Tailor Maid Home Cleaning Franchise Opportunities


These are exciting times for us here at Tailor Maid as we are now offering Franchise business opportunities to anyone who is interested in starting their own cleaning company.

Franchising a business is often a safer and easier way to become your own boss as our company is already successful and is a proven idea, we have already built up the business and made it successful. Our brand name is recognized and trusted within the industry.

We help the franchisee promote their services and we offer an excellent proven marketing strategy.

You can be your own boss but have the safety of constant support from us and we commit to train, support and share ideas with you to make your transition into owning your own business an easy and enjoyable process.