Tailor Maid Franchisee

A Day In The Life of A Tailor Maid Cleaning Franchisee

6‐7 am
An early start before the children arise, giving you the chance to check your emails while enjoying your morning coffee.

9 am
After the school run, time to touch base with your team leaders to ensure they have enough stock for all their housekeepers, run through the day’s cleaning schedules and pass on any messages from your clients.

day in the life of a franchisee 1

10 am
You like to spend at least an hour every day marketing, checking social media sites,posting any relevant and interesting news. This includes replying to any messages you have received from potential new clients.

11 am
Time to to catch up with administration and accounting duties, file invoices etc and make lot’s of phone calls.

12 pm
Customer care is a big part of your day and you are constantly looking for ways to improve your service and customer care. You like to contact your clients on a regular basis to check that they are happy and receive feedback. Also it is important to go out and meet any new potential clients in their own home.

day in the life of a franchisee 2

2 pm
Check your advert for new housekeepers today and post online.Your business is constantly growing and you need to carry out interviews, making sure you choose the right candidate with all the qualities required for the role.

3 pm
Time to collect the children from school, make their dinner and spend some quality time with them before bed time. Running your own business allows your working day to be flexible and fit in around your family .

7‐8 pm
You usually spend about an hour each evening after the children have gone to bed responding to any emails and planning ahead for the next day, before you put your feet up after another exciting and productive day being your own boss.

day in the life of a franchisee 3

Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

Tailor Maid is a proven recession-proof business opportunity in residential cleaning.  It provides you with all the benefits of a successful brand: an excellent reputation, proven processes and a support system that continues to drive our rapid growth.

We offer you an opportunity to put your proven management and sales skills to work building and managing a successful business of your own. Forget the misconceptions you might have about the residential cleaning business. As a Tailor Maid franchise owner, you will not be doing the actual cleaning. Your success is all about using your proven skill set to succeed with a company and industry that works!

If you have ever thought about starting your own business but just did not know where to begin, you have come to the right place . Tailor maid offers cleaning franchise opportunities for people who yearn to build a business of their own using a proven business model. If you are ready to learn more about one of the best franchise opportunities in today’s market, read on!

Franchising Opportunities with Tailor Maid are perfect businesses for any economic climate. No matter the economy, people still need to have their houses cleaned. A residential cleaning franchise offers a proven track record of stability, a recession-proof business in an increasingly challenging business climate.

Are you ready to learn more about owning your own franchise cleaning business? Contact Tailor Maid today to learn more about this lucrative opportunity!


More Women are Franchising

More Women are Franchising.

There are an estimated 4.7 million small businesses in the UK and around 500,000 new businesses are started every year. However, not so many people are perhaps aware that:

– Over 30% of all new businesses are currently started by women – i.e. over 130 thousand every year.
– Three quarters were started by women aged between 25 and 44.

Over 90% of women and men believe it is now easier for women to start their own business – due to cultural changes, increased opportunities and women in business being taken more seriously.

So what sort of things must you be prepared for before going into business?

– You should be a self starter, able to motivate yourself and operate under your own initiative.
– You will need to get on with other people, and be capable of leading and motivating others.
– You should be able to take responsibility and be a good organiser.
– You should be conscientious and decisive.
– Stamina, and good health is needed, as you will not have work colleagues to cover for you.
– Last, but not least, do you have the support of your family and friends?

Many women who have been running a home and raising a family have many of the attributes needed to run a business successfully – they are decisive, energetic, organise well and are used to doing at least three things at once!

If you have the qualities just mentioned, you may well be suited to running your own business, but perhaps you are not sure what to do? Then franchising could be just the thing.

There is some evidence to suggest that those women in self-employment have differing needs and aspirations than their male counterparts.

One of the problems many women face when going into business is a lack of confidence – a good franchise will address this with training, tried and tested format and support both when starting the business and on an ongoing basis, as your business develops.

Proven business format

Compared to starting your own business from scratch, franchising provides a relatively safe route into self employment. A well established, successful and proven business format franchise will provide all the essential elements for a successful business save one – you, the owner.

These elements will include a proven market for the franchise’s products or services; proven sales, marketing and operational procedures and usually has the benefit of an established business name. In addition, a good franchise will provide training and where appropriate, help in finding, fitting out and furnishing premises, together with ongoing support and help in running the business.

In return, you pay the franchisor an initial franchise fee to ‘buy in’ to the franchise, and on-going management service fees or a mark-up on the goods and materials supplied by the franchisor. You may also be asked to contribute to national advertising costs.

When considering a franchise opportunity you will have to make an assessment of the standing of the franchise. You need to find out exactly what running a franchise involves, before taking the plunge. The main points you need to consider are: advantages and disadvantages; the costs involved; and what to look for when choosing a franchise.

Remember all business involves risk, including franchising. However, there is no doubt that going into business as a franchisee of a well established, proven business format franchise will give you the best possible start.

Finally, we would like to wish you every success with whatever business you decide to go into – and will leave you with this quote: “Women constitute half the world’s population, perform nearly two-thirds of its work hours, receive one tenth of the world’s income, and own less than one-hundredth of the world’s property.”

Let’s try and do something about that!

Working Mums

Successful Women in Business

day in the life of a franchisee 2Have you read those case studies on successful women in business and been green with envy. You could be bored with your 9-5 job or simply wanting to make money on your own terms around your life commitments.

Whatever the reason, more and more females are looking to take charge of their financial future and start a business, that allows them flexibility and potentially the chance to work from home.
So you have made the decision that you want to work for yourself, now what ?

1. Combining Business and Pleasure

Starting with the basics, do not trade in one 9-5 for another job that you do not love. What do you love doing? This is the easiest place to start when looking for a new career. Make a list of all of the hobbies, interests and skills that you have a passion for, without judgement or logic as to its ability to make money.

Once you have your list, now is the time to start researching and planning how to leverage that into making money.

Your passion might be dormant, something that you loved as a child that you have not indulged the time in for years. A college course in photography that is at the back of your mind and you love any excuse to use the camera. If this is the case, find out more about the many photography courses in different genres from animal photography to baby photography.

2. Plan to Succeed!

An idea without a plan, is just a day dream. The number one reason why nearly eight out of ten new businesses fail within the first 18 months is down to poor planning.

If you have decided that franchising is for you but you do not know where to start, franchisee resources and online guides can provide a great free resource.

You might have conducted your franchise research and have a short list of potential franchises, but not sure which to move forward with.

Wherever you are in starting your journey into becoming a woman in business, Female Franchise sites have a variety of options for you.