Ten top tips to keep your kids amused during half term

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10 top ideas for keeping your kids amused during half term

February half term can be tough for parents to find things to keep their kids amused, mainly due to the weather being so rubbish, so we have compiled some fun and affordable tips to keep those dreaded words “I’M BORED!” at bay!

  1. BAKER DAY- get on your aprons and chef hats and become creative in the kitchen, let the kids get their hands dirty and tasting spoons ready, make delicious recipes such as choc brownies, shortbread and cupcakes that the kids can decorate anyway they want. Go to www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/kids-baking for some inspiration and great recipes ideas.
  2.  FAMILY TREE- Let the kids get involved with researching your family history and creating your very own family tree. Use the internet to look up your family members, add pictures to make it more colorful and interesting. Visit www.familytreetemplates.net/catergory/kids for some great family tree templates.
  3. BIKE RIDE- Get your bikes out and go on a bike ride, make sure your kids have helmets and visible clothing on, and avoid busy roads,               parks and woods are a good place for younger children to cycle.  Take a rucksack with a flask of hot chocolate and some snacks
  4. WELLY WALK- Perfect for wet days, make the most of the bad weather by getting the kids wrapped up warm and in their                      waterproofs and wellies and go puddle splashing and mud squelching.
  5. TAKE PHOTOS- There may be a budding David Bailey in your family waiting to be discovered! Go for a walk and lets the kids loose with a digital camera, let them take snaps of anything they want, let them be creative, then let them make a scrap book of all their pics.
  6. PLAY IN A DAY- choose one of their favorite books or stories and get them to act it out as a play. If you are feeling creative, make costumes out of old clothes.
  7. MAKE A DEN- dig out some old sheets, blankets and cushions and let them make a cave, you may need to use chairs and tables to create the perfect den.
  8. LEARN TO JUGGLE- Teach your kids a new party trick, you will need soft balls and beanbags and you may want to take it outside so nothing gets broken. Check out this website for step to step instructions on how to juggle, www.yoyoguy.com/info/ball
  9.  HIDE AND SEEK- take it in turns to count to 50 whilst the others hide then go searching for them. You could also hide an object and let the kids find it, or make a treasure hunt with clues and hide various treats around the house and garden.
  10. PAINT –let the kids loose with a paintbrush and let them create a masterpiece. Let them paint some cards or pictures for granny or granddad and you could even frame them and give them as gifts.  Old clothes and newspaper needed for this activity to avoid too much mess. Visit Art for Kids, a new website with lots of free info and events in your area.


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